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    Unsurprisingly, EVE Online is a game best-known for its conflicts. Players looking for a fight will feel most at home in EVE‘s traditional PvP mode. Some players find it most enjoyable to fight singular opponents with specialized ships to prove their mastery over the combat system, while others prefer to gather a few thousand of their closest space friends and wage total war on another group of players, in campaigns lasting months, even years. Regardless of the scale of the combat, it’s all driven by the real threat of losing your ship forever. There is no guarantee that the new players Ascension brings in will become paid subscribers and that the Inception tutorial will do enough to ease them into the complicated online game, but it is still a bold step from CCP and both the company’s accountants and existing EVE Online players will be hoping that it all works out.
    WWE games have had a rocky past but nothing quite so jagged as the last few years. The transition from traditional developer Yuke’s to today’s Visual Concepts was far from smooth, leading to arguably the worst, most bugged outing in the history of the franchise. WWE 2K20 was about as poorly received as fake Razor Ramon and Diesel during the Monday Night Wars. And, like that mind-boggling, mid-90s decision by Vince McMahon, it almost took the franchise down. Weeks before its launch day, developer Visual Concepts and publisher 2K Games spoke with Retro Resolve about WWE 2K23 being available on Steam Deck. The WWE 2K23 release date has been announced, alongside plenty more exciting info. WWE 2K23 looks to continue the positive changes made by 2K22, after a few years of poor reception. The release date is even sooner than you might think, so we need to get stuck in with all these details. Here is everything you need to know ahead of the WWE 2K23 release date.


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